Being so close

I have a couple more steps before I’m done with my secret project.

Once again, I’ve spent all day working on while binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I did watch an episode of Castle today while having dinner. I swear, that is a show that has made me cry more times than any other. I can’t wait to finish that series and go back over it as a study in character sympathy.

I do wish I’d been able to get some other things done other than working on this project, but the design didn’t work out as plan. Probably me. I should have paid more attention rather than just assuming. That was bad of me. So I had to fix that. Then the platform I am using apparently doesn’t have an edit feature. That was a shock! I spent far too long in disbelief and searching to find out what steps I needed to take. Finally, I just got frustrated and used the basic and edited from another platform that the first feeds to.

Next week holds a few adventures, but I hope I can finish what I need to do, or at least the final components. I’d like to have this finished up soon.

That’s the plan at least.