Winter weather

Foggy and icy roads were in my morning. But it was just a matter of slowing down and taking it easy. Glad I could do that.

I’ve noticed that when the semis slow down on the road, it’s best to slow down too. Not only do they drive for a living and understand road conditions, but they are often in contact with each other and so the know the conditions ahead.

But some people still want to speed along at 90 miles per hour. Yes, Florida, I’m talking to you. Not used to driving on icy roads, are you? I’m still amazed that I didn’t find him flipped over off the road ahead. I am glad though; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am hoping he slowed down when the road got really bad.

All this got me thinking about my winter ACEO’s, so one of them is pictured above.

Now, I’m hoping to get some writing done tonight. But first, I’m off to get some sketching in.