Fighting hydras

Today was a day of slaying monsters. Hydras that would regrow its heads to be exact.

I felt bounced from one to another then back again. I’d tackle one and another would appear. Finally, I came to the big boss monster, took a deep breath, and conquered it.

There are still many more monsters out there, but they can wait. At least for now.

After that, I was tired and huddled under a soft blanket for warmth. I probably should have napped or moved onto other adventures, but neither was for me today.

Other tasks await me tomorrow along with an adventure out into the cold and dark. But once I get to the castle, I am certain I will be delighted by what I will see. Then it’ll be a fast ride back through the cold off night to those that will welcome me back home.

So many grand adventures! I did say it would be a week full of them.