Northern Lights

I have made it to the castle. Above is a picture of the forest inside the castle. See the beautiful Aurora Borealis (northern lights) in the distance?

Now I await seeing my knight and his princess.

Someone around me is wearing annoying perfume. Although it might also be denture cream. A whiff is more than enough. I wonder sometimes if it’s mortar from between the rocks of the castle walls. Could someone use that to hold their teeth in? Oh, the questions I have.

And yet, it’s Loki’s snarky tone I hear in my head. He’s so excited today. The 9th novels is ready to go (both print and ebook versions) and the ebook went out to my Patreon supporter today. Now he’s ready for me to begin the 10th one. This novella is the longest one to date. I wonder what’s in store for the next one.

My time draws to a close for tonight. Any moment now, the show will begin and I’ll be entertained by someone else’s story for a bit. How does it get better than that?