Getting fortified?

Have you ever been tossed back and forth between two princesses?

No? Well, I was today. I felt like a Ping-Pong ball. Back and forth I went, answering random questions from both of them until my head was swirling so much that I was starting to mess up their names. One finally gave up, satisfied by my answers. and I agreed to help the other figure out how to balance her scales.


Then I had a chariot race to the next village over and entered the foreign kingdom. It felt strange to walk an unknown castle even though I knew most of the inhabitants.

Afterwards, I visited the market to pick up some coffee, creamer, and spinach (not to be used together, mind you. Well, not the first two with the last at least.)

As I hit the track to home, I remembered Loki bugging me this morning when I woke up. I do believe I’ve been given the first page or so of the next book. All I have to do is get it written down.

I should also update my progress on my calendar since I’ve fallen behind. But every time I start, I realize that I need to figure out what I’m going to do for 2023. Amazing how this frustration can make my head feel just as it did as I bounced back and forth between princesses, except that I do this to myself.

I am still looking for the challenge which will refuel me.

Maybe that’s why I had to get coffee, creamer, and spinach today. Just a little something to fortify myself with. (grin)