Speech time

I laugh at WordPress’ prompt for today: have you ever performed on stage or given a speech.

Strangely enough, tomorrow I am giving a talk about writing. I just finished preparing my notes. I even got some pictures put together. It’s like I’m on top of this or something.

No, really, I just get to talk about my favorite subject: writing.

Granted, I’m doing this for a bunch of readers, so I’ve got to keep the story fun and fantastic. Not the reality of me typing for a moments, pausing, thinking, then typing again. Really, if someone watched me writing, they’d probably find it boring. I get 17-21 words per minute done when I’m writing. Wow, I know, fast pace. (grin)

Yeah, this is not my first speech, or my first time giving a writing “lecture.” Let’s just hope that I don’t get all tangled up in nerves tomorrow morning. And hopefully I won’t almost pass out like I nearly did during my first seminar. It’s funny how my brain can totally work me up over nothing. I mean, really, nothing.

I do wish I’d remembered my hat. It’s so easy to talk to people when I have my hat. I’d feel better giving this speech tomorrow if I had my hat.

Well, I’ve also performed on a stage before, but that’s for another day.