One year

Temmy has been part of my household for one year now. What an interesting year it’s been. She and Bella still don’t get along. And every night about 4 in the morning she comes to curl up under the blankets with me. She drives me crazy, but she’s also been my nearly constant companion. if I walk through the house, I can beat she’s somewhere nearby.

As for the painting I restarted yesterday, it may once again be in the failure pile. I did a few more steps after the pictures I showed yesterday and this is where I stored.

I’ve been leaving it alone for a bit now, but it just doesn’t thrill me and I don’t know if I can continue working on it.

There is a chance that’s just my critical voice speaking too. But I don’t know. I keep asking myself if I want to try to keep practicing or just let it go now. I haven’t decided yet.

I keep trying to convince myself that it’s just the ugly, awkward stage every painting goes through. Kind of like kitten zoomies. I just don’t know if the painting will outgrow it.

We’ll see what happens.