Coping with intentions

There’s a video about getting things done based on setting intentions which I found helpful this weekend:

Today, I put this into practice and set my intentions. I have 5 of them. Some of them are every day intentions. Some are weekday intentions. And some are weekend intentions. I also set up “Coping Plans.” Being someone who has loved If-Then statements since I first began learning computer programing, this really appeals to me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, why it took a video to open my eyes. Silly me.

Strangely enough, writing a daily blog wasn’t on my intention list. Nor were any of my coping plans set up as “get up and get it done” if I didn’t feel like doing my intention. But that’s what it is for this blog. Yes, I’ve had nights when I’ve been just about asleep when I’ve remembered that I needed to get it done. I get up and get it done.

Since my blog didn’t make it onto my list, what does that hold for the future of this blog? I do like it because it gets me writing daily. But sometimes I wonder what to write about. I really just wanted to see how long I could do it. I never expected it to go over a year. I figured about five weeks in and I’d miss a day. I’m nearly at 500 days right now. I feel as if I could do this for a lot longer if I wanted to. It’s just become part of my day. Now that it’s routine, is it mundane? Is there any point? I’ve been asking myself this a lot recently and I’ve been wondering if I will continue after I pass 500. There are many other things I could be doing with this time.

But again, this is sort of like a little diary for me. It records what I’ve had going on, some of the good and bad days, days when I’ve felt playful or mysterious, and other events that might be going on in my life. It’s a little record. I’ve used it. I’ve even gone back to it.

I’m starting to get excited to see how 2023 will shape up.