Consistent thoughts

I’ve decided that my word for 2023 is going to be “consistency.”

All ready I feel it to be a challenge.

I’ve said before that I find it hard to be consistent. I’ve even been surprised at being able to blog daily for almost a year and a half now. Even the evening routine I try to follow doesn’t always happen. A morning routine I tried to establish lasted three days before I had to reset and try again. Then, I reset again. And again. Then it died. I went back to just trying to edit audio in the morning because that always seems to work the best.

So, this is going to be strange. I’m trying to determine a good way to track this. I have my intentions and my coping plans, but I’d like something which allowed me to build a streak and hopefully be motivated by it. Especially on the days which throw me off-track and I need to push through the barrier to get started when I don’t want to.

So I’m scared of failing before I even start. Especially now that I’ve said it out loud. Maybe I’ll state all my goals here and let my blog keep me accountable. We’ll see if I’m brave enough to do that!