Post #500

Yep, tonight is my 500th daily post. Woo hoo!

My wrist is a bit sore tonight because I’ve done a bit of drawing this evening. I’ve been practicing lots, trying to get back into habit since I want to get restarted on my webcomic this next year, as well as finishing out more of my children’s stories.

I’ve also been back at researching some habit tracker apps and I’m testing out two new ones to see if they work for me. There’s more tracking things I’m changing this next year, but that’s for another day.

And, I did quite a bit of reading today. As well as audio work. I recorded three chapters today.

It’s been another good day and I’ve already put a title on this post— something I’ve forgotten to do too many times recently (Grin) — so it’s time to go read for a little bit more.