1-800-IceBaby audiobook

Today, I uploaded the audio for 1-800-IceBaby. It should be going out to distributors soon.

But something more important than that happened.

I wanted to see where I was on my comics websites. As I was digging into that, I thought I’d get caught up on my audiobook website. That’s when the amazing happened.

I was all excited because I had 14 audiobooks out now with the release of the one today. But after I updated my website with several titles that weren’t there, I realized I had 19 audiobooks (not including the one I did for a writer friend).

19 of my own audiobooks. Wow.

It’s so easy when you’re talking baby steps to feel as if you’re standing still. Then suddenly there’s a moment to take stock and you find how you’re much further down the road than you thought.

After the last few weeks, this was a good pick-me-up. Of course, know that small numbers don’t impress me, but now I’m getting up there.

But before this realization, I had a wild and crazy idea, but I’ll save that for later if I decide to go through with it.

I guess that it’s good I’m getting excited about 2023. I wonder when I’ll get settled in to it.