2023 planning

Well, when I set my 2023 goals today (two months later than normal), they all seemed like a good idea.

Now I’m not so certain.

I’m hoping it’s just my critical, self doubt voice talking and telling me that I’m not good enough.

Worse, i had just overcome some technology issues I’d been fighting and was down to having fun working on a drawing when the voice popped up and started nagging me about spending too much time at what I was doing, so how was I ever going to rein myself in next year to do what I’d planned to do.

See, that critical voice is very sneaking and will twist anything. Even me taking a relaxing moment after a triumphant success.

At least I saw it for what it was. It didn’t mean that I didn’t give in to that moment of self-doubt. But this time, it was only a moment and the creative voice came to my rescue quickly with an answer.

Yeah, I’m going to be okay with my planning.