Pedestal work in process

Last night, I promised photos of the painting I’m currently working on.

Please remember that it is a work in process, meaning it’s not anywhere near done. It’s an acrylic on wood panel.

The picture above is an early one after I’ve gotten a bit of it blocked in. There’s chalk marking where I want to put in some pedestals.

Here’s a closeup of that area.

This next one is after I got the pedestals blocked in.

No, that’s not a ghost appearing in the doorway. It will be a nebula when I’m done with it. I hope. No, I’m kidding on that. It will be a nebula. It’s strange doing them this small, so I’m wondering if next time I do this, I need to paint the nebula, mask it off, then lay in the sky and ruin wall. It could be interesting.

It looks so blobby like this, but I know it will morph as I work on it. Somehow, it will all work out.

More to come on this one.