Devil in the details

I think I’m going to need a new tag for my blog. This one will be called, “lessons to remember.” Yes, a great note to myself.

And why do I come to this decision?

Because I had a realization I know I’ve had before: that I need to draw more.

Okay, it actually is a little more than that. I’ve been slowly putting together this current comic page and just trying to get things places so I can pencil them in quickly and then will ink later. But today I was watching a video on how to draw hair — one thing I know I need to learn to do better — and I began to admire the artist working on the video in a way that I could feel the flow moving through him. It made me want to grab my sketchbook and start drawing too. As he worked with the details and I just had this feeling come over me that I had to slow down and start to enjoy the details. I’m in such a rush to just be done (with everything), that I’m not enjoying the process.

As I sat with this feeling, it grew and unwrapped that I just want to get images drawn, but they are static, stiff, and done. That’s when the feeling got difficult because I knew that it would mean not hurrying, taking longer to get done. Details.

I was excited to get to drawing this evening. And when I did, it became work. At that point, I wanted it done. Years of reporting my time, trying to get tasks done quickly, efficiently, and accurately has made it so that I don’t want to slow down and really get into something. I need to remember to have fun with my art.

Haven’t I said that before?

Yes, and that’s why I need the “lessons to remember” tag or category. Will I ever learn?

I guess we shall see.