Thunder Goat Coffee

I finally got started on the 7th segment of the Fenrir’s Tales story I’d started last year. This is the 27th tale in total. I really hope this is the last segment to this particular story. We’ll see what the universe has planned though.

That special project I’d been working on which I mentioned in some December posts was the cup pictured above. Each side is slightly different.

Well, you’ll have to read Dressed to the 9’s to understand why one side includes “& Ale” and the other side doesn’t. But, if you want one of these groovy goat cups, you can order yours now on Etsy. For my international readers, international shipping is available.

Cups have gone out for my Patreon supporter and myself. I’m so excited to get mine. 15 oz of coffee goodness coming up.

Also out now to Patreon supporters is the audiobook for 1-800-IceBaby. And with new Fenrir’s Tales coming as well as the audiobook for Help Wanted, Call Loki, if you are a Loki fan, it’s a great place to show support and get rewarded with stories, audiobooks, and other merchandise before anyone else gets it. Oh yeah!


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