Words rising

So last year, when I was in that crazy phase of thinking that a daily page count might inspire me and no longer being so concerned with daily word counts, I set my daily word goal to 1. Yep, one word a day. That way, even if I didn’t have time in my day, I could jump on and do my blog with a simple, “Hi,” and I’d have done something that day.

This year, knowing now that the daily page goal doesn’t inspire me, I’ve set the daily word goal back to 250. That’s one page. Double spaced. Font size 12 in most cases. Most people hear that you write 250 words in a day and they think it’s amazing, that you’ve done something like 100 push-ups and 500 sit-ups.

Yeah, typically writing at 17 words per minute, I can do 250 words in 15 minutes. Yep, that’s right. 15 minutes a day to get 250 words over 365 days — oops, that’s a novel. Holy moly.

Now, one days where I also write my blog and get significant words done, not like the last couple of posts which have been short, then if I only get 250 words in, then I won’t have my book done in a year. That means that really my goal is to get 250 fiction words in plus my blog. Generally that works well.

On nights like tonight though where I’m tired, all I want to do is get my words in any way possible and go to bed.

Doesn’t help that my lungs feel tight — I think it’s been the tension of this week — and I’m drinking tea right now — I’m thirsty and nearly out of the filtered water I get because I haven’t been to town in nearly two weeks (I think). What problems, right? I did have to go out and get Merlin some dog food because we used his last can at dinner tonight. I could have gotten more water then. I certainly didn’t want to do my full shopping because honestly I need more than just water. But that can wait until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even go sit at the cafe in the bookstore and write a bit.

Anyway, that’s all fine and dandy, but I still need to get words in tonight before I go to bed. Even if my lungs feel like they are dragging in air and I’m drinking tea (yes, something I really do need to do more of and I’ve talked about that on my blog before. I’m discovering that I really don’t mind it so much with a splash of my flavored creamers added in, much like how I like my coffee).

Oh, look! This blog is now reaching 500 words. Amazing huh? Hardly believable. I could now go to bed today knowing that I’ve gotten my words in.

Or, maybe I’ll go write some fiction now. It would be like a whole plethora of words. (grin)