And there’s an eighth

A day ago or so, I thought I’d finished the 7th part of the Fenrir’s Tales story that I’ve been working on (for far too long). It’s the 27th one I’ve written. It wasn’t, by any stretch, the end of this series of dog park stories I was doing. I wasn’t sure that I really had an 8th story though or not, so I sat down today to see if it just meant that the ending was coming up or if it was going to develop into an 8th story.

I found out that neither were true.

I wasn’t done with the 7th story, but it wasn’t the start of the 8th either. I just had another little segment to go. I do think it was a prelude warming me up to the fact that I wasn’t yet done with this story. I’ve been having so much fun with it that it’s quickly becoming another Loki novella. Except that it won’t ever fit into that series, since it’s Fenrir’s story, but it can be a story on its own.

I’m trying not to think of that now as I finish it up. For all I know, there might be a 9th “chapter” involved. At this point, I’m not putting anything above this little story.

At least I now have another chapter that can go out to Patreon. It delights me when I put new things up there. I’ll probably get this new installment up on Patreon for this next week. While you can read several of the stories on Kindle Vella, Patreon is the only place where you can read them all.

And, I’m getting this blog done early tonight because I really want to get in another writing session or two tonight. Maybe, with luck, I’ll round the bend on this series of stories for Fenrir’s Tales and can bring it on home. Then, I can get back to doing the short adventures again now that this one is out.