Move over creativity

I started out the day writing and then I jumped in the booth to get some recording done. I’ve reset my mic (again), but this time I think I’m happy with it. Of course, I won’t know for certain until I get into editing it and hear how it sounds mastered. But, for the moment, I’ve got something I like.

Then I remembered that I really needed to get my sales tax done and that opened a whole can of worms. I’ve spent the afternoon doing bookkeeping. It’s hard to believe that I had that much to do considering I’ve been trying to do it through the year. And, most of it isn’t relevant for sales tax, but it just makes sense to get it all done at once.

I still have work to do on this, but at least I still have a few more days to figure it out. I’d rather have fun being creative, but yes, sometimes real life does have to take a front seat.

And once it’s done, I can get back to having fun.