Cats and stress — who asked for that?

After I finished my short, stressed blog yesterday, I stepped outside with Merlin and it was snowing. The snow was so wet that it sounded like rain. The pitter-pats of it hitting the leaves, lawn, and plants was amazing.

Then, went I went back inside, the pets convinced me it was time for bed. I was too wound up to do anything else so I gave in. Unfortunately, even being as tired as I was, I didn’t get much sleep. In fact, I swear that I felt my alarm going off and it woke me up shortly after I did get to sleep. My mind started turning over, so I thought I’d look at my watch to see what time it was. It was 1 in the morning. Yep, a whole lot of sleep. I tried. My cats tried. Temmy kept cuddling up with me and Coville was trying to cuddle up where Temmy was. He kept stepping on her. I had to protect her under the blankets. She didn’t complain once, barely moved. She was content. Then Coville tried crawling on me. Between my brain chasing off sleep and my cats trying to be close to me to comfort me (and making me too hot in the process), I couldn’t sleep. It was a 4:30 that the answer came to me. And that ended my short night.

I wish I was feeling less stress now, but there’s still much to be done.

But I shall cherish the nights when I can get some writing in. Like tonight. More writing will come tonight. Who knows, I might draw a bit.

I figure I’ll crash soon, maybe.

Until then, my creativity is important so I will go write.

I’ll go from there.