Taking me back

I love watching the stars.

Granted, right now the nights are a little cold to stay out for too long. That doesn’t stop me from trying.

My dad and I used to go and stand outside in our long driveway. We’d face the fields but look up at the stars. He’d point out a few of the consultations, those I still look up to now and it takes me back.

In the small town of Nevada, the stars were too bright and the Milky Way was amazing. Not quite as stunning as in some photographs, but still amazing.

It’s no wonder that to this day I feel so small. Standing in the face of that large open sky over the fields can do that to a person. Even now when I look up at the night sky, there’s always trees, houses, lights, etc. Lots of things to interfere. It’s rare when I find a space quite so open and expansive. Yet it’s amazing how fast my memories can take me back.

No matter where I am, I can be back to the land where I grew up in a heartbeat. It’s amazing the stories our minds hold onto. And it’s wonderful to be able to share.