The height of clouds

The stars felt distant tonight.

The air is cold, but not as crispy clean as usual. Granted, that could be the gagging smell of someone’s venting dryer. The scent always makes my throat close up and my eyes feel swollen. Whatever they (whoever they are in my neighborhood) use (whatever it is), they use too much of it. Not everyone can handle all these scents our society insists that we use, but that’s another discussion for another day.

Thin clouds breaking up the clear night are why I believe made the stars feel so far off. The clouds hung low, not quite at the altitude I’m used to seeing them at. It makes me wonder if there will be fog in the morning.

I think my attention has been on clouds lately. I was writing last night about a storm closing in on the characters in my book. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m not getting enough time outside. I’m waiting for the winter clouds to move along and let the spring sunshine in.

Yeah, that could be.