Reset life, reset creativity

Feeling better today and not dragging so much.

I’ve been trying to get caught up on things tonight, chores mostly which have been lingering this last few days, so that tomorrow I can do a true reset and go flowing into the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back to audio tomorrow.

I took a moment to look at my January numbers. I mentioned on my blog a couple nights ago that I’d gotten about 19,000 words written in January, but some of that included my blog. When I looked at my blog numbers (which I now have in a month total due to how I’ve changed keeping track of them), I saw that only about 7,000 of them were for the blog. Quick math and I realized that 12,000 words were fiction. Over 31 days, that’s only 387 words per day. It’s a long way from my goal that I want to be doing, but considering it was January, I’ll take that. I’m actually amazed at that, and kind of proud of myself. I’m glad I pushed even though some days were very hard.

Last night was one of those days. I even wrote on my business computer (where I blog) because I just didn’t have the energy to open up my writing computer. Good thing about that was I continued working on the start to Arlyn’s story. Or at least the point where I’m starting. It might end up being a different section of the book later, but that will come as I get further into the story. I do think I’m starting to get a sense of the theme. Not that I will focus on that and try to force it come out, but it was definitely something my creative voice took and hid away in her toybox. She was very delighted by it. As me now if I remember it and I’ll have to say that I only recall the edges of it. But my creative voice is giddy. It makes me ready to go write.

So, I’m heading onward to finish up tonight, including getting my fiction words in, and get some more rest so I can feel completely ready when I dive back into the routine I’d like to get into.