Of cats and plans

I did about half an hour of audio work this morning. Woo hoo. That’s how a day is supposed to start.

I got some drawing done. I got some writing done. I even tried to get in a nap, but every time I started to fall asleep, Temmy woke me up. She’d been sleeping so peacefully when I went to lie down, but as soon as I was in bed, she decided to become a demon. I think she learned it from Coville, who becomes a pure nuisance just as soon as he wakes up in the morning and is ready to be fed. He likes to walk back and forth on me or come and sit on me. Temmy knows if she starts knocking things over, I’ll get up to stop her. My only recourse is to start playing with her jangle toys while she’s trying to sleep. All’s fair in love and sleep, right? (grin)

The one thing I should have done was get to the store today. I was planning on making a trip tomorrow, but now I see morning snow in the forecast. With the way that Bella has started to shed today, I think we’re beyond the bitter cold, but I was hoping it would settle into warmer weather now. Guess I still have wind and snow coming.

Maybe I’ll have a chance to get some more reading done. I also did some of that today too. I really could use another slow, quiet day. The cats, however, might be walking all over me in a couple days to annoy me to go get food for them. See how they are? (grin)

I figure I have about 8,000 words left in the story I’m working on. My creative voice is anxious to get to Arlyn’s story, so I feel like I’m speeding through the current story. My challenge now is not to let the rush hurry into my tale. One action that might help that is working on Arlyn’s manuscript in tandem with the current one. That way I don’t feel a competition brewing within me. So, I’ve made a copy and I’ll be putting it onto my writing laptop tomorrow.

Tomorrow, after Coville walks back and forth across me to wake me and Temmy knocks over a bunch of things. At least Bella will shed silently elsewhere.