On the move

Before you ask, yes, Coville walked across me this morning. I slept in and he was not pleased with me. But I still got audio editing done and I mastered the next three chapters of Help Wanted, Call Loki.

The snow wasn’t bad this morning and had melted off by the time I was ready to go to town to do my shopping. Once I arrived, I once again confirmed my theory that all cell phone companies are indeed owned by Loki. Yep, I really think that part of my fiction is a true story. And I spend a good chunk of my day dealing with that.

I did, however, get Arlyn’s story transferred to my writing computer and I finished writing the first chapter of the book. Downside: I have no idea how chapter 2 is going to start. It’s exhilarating because I have so many possibilities. There’s already been a very cool echo to a scene in Quest for the Three Books which I had not expected, There’s even a small reference to Prince of the Ruined Land. Oh, this is going to be exciting.

I also continued on the other story I’m finishing up.

I do wish I’d gotten to recording today, but I still have a few chapters to go through so I’ll be fine until I can back in the booth.

A few more words I want to get in today. I hope that I can carry this streak into the week. I’m going to try to have my first book finished off by next weekend. That’s my goal, so I’ve got to keep at it. Coville will be happy since that means no more sleeping in for me this week.