In practice

I finished watching Castle today.

For a series that I so enjoyed, I am highly disappointed by the ending. Yes, I realized it was probably cancelled suddenly. I haven’t researched it to know; not sure I really care to know either. Still, bad.

That just tops off a moody day for me. I really don’t feel like writing this blog, but I sense that future me would be disappointed if I didn’t, so here I write.

I did take my mood out on Arlyn’s story for a little bit. Boy, did that change the story. Arlyn did something Steigan would never do: run. Or at least a Arlyn tried to. Too bad he was betrayed.

But that’s all I’m going to say. (grin)

I did also realize what I need to practice in this story. So, it’s back to the beginning I go so that I can loop back and get the practice in for the area where I was writing with pure energy and not dedicated to the training (think: the person who goes back to the gym for the first couple weeks of January and then never excuses for the rest of the year, only to repeat the same pattern the next year. Yep, that kind of energy).