More cell phone fun

Yeah, this whole thing with the cell phones has been a complete debacle. If anyone along the way had been able to say, “Yeah. Here’s a label to send the incorrect one back and then we’ll send you out the correct phone,” none of this would have happened. But, you know what, no one did that simple thing.

And, I stopped in to see the kid who sold me this package today and his comment was, “Yeah, they’re just stupid.” Then he shoved me off onto the other guy working with him, who then told me exactly what the reps were telling me to do, which was to open the phone and activate it, then send it back. Problem is, and I verified this today, that to activate it, the phone has to be set up and sync’s which would involve restoring from the cloud. I shouldn’t have to open the box if it’s completely the wrong phone. This would allow them to send the phone out to a new customer. I wanted to return a whole unopened package, not a used product. That was stupid.

So upon hearing the kid bad mouthing his own company’s customer support, that was it. I was done.

I should have left it at that. But, of course, I couldn’t. I went to talk to another company. I should have waited until the equipment was returned. Especially since it’s all unopened and new in box.

Unfortunately, my desire to have this whole mess dealt with was my undoing. At least for the short term, I’m still in a tangle. Damn. I hate it when I cause my own problems.

Hopefully it won’t take long to fix, but I suspect I’m going to be irritated for the next few days as somethings don’t work right and I’m waiting for it all to be sorted. Grrr.

It let me to not getting my book or laundry done today. But I’m close. I worked some on the book first thing this morning. And, I’ve done/am finishing enough laundry so that I will be good for this week if I didn’t get back to finishing it all.

I’m sure my oldest son has now seen enough of me to last him a good couple of weeks.

Anyway, I’m going to go get a bit more writing done after I finish a couple quick chores. And tomorrow, it will be back to it.