Not so fast

I’m finding myself getting in a rush to finish my drummer book. It’s hard, but I’m trying to pull the reins slowly.

I know that I really need to practice endings. Well, that’s actually what I’ve been practicing on in several stories, but this one I’m trying to practice appropriate length of endings. I always feel like I’m wrapping up fast and getting out of the story. This one needs a longer close, something more appropriate to how it started. I feel like this is a very gentle book.

Making it harder is the fact that I want to get to Arlyn’s book, although the push is now off because I’ve started it. I wonder if I’m supposed to let that one sit and finish another book up since I’ve now committed to it. Sometimes all it takes is the start for my creative voice to be happy and let the story percolate for a bit.

I think that’s actually what’s been going on with the (suspected) Plenelian story I started writing a bit ago. I got about a third of the way through the book and had to put it aside. Lately, I’ve been feeling nudged back toward it. I thought it was the book I was going to work on next, at least until a Arlyn’s story wanted written. Now I’m back to wondering. I know there will be plenty of time for that, as well as finishing Deep Space Omega, which I had been serializing here on my blog for a bit.

But, I trust the process, so I know I’ll be told what to work on next. This second guessing is a bit like plotting; trying to force the story doesn’t work for me. It’s best to let the creative voice run free. And so I shall.