Every time I think I’m done

Tomorrow, I hide from the world.

I hope.

It’s been another day of dealing with cell phones, but at least 2/3’s of us +1 are switched over. Now, I’m trying to get everything going on my phone and that’s frustrating. I forgot about an important app and my old phone is now wiped, so there’s no hope of recovery since it doesn’t apparently sync with online services. Loki is definitely laughing. Dang.

Guess what app I won’t be using again.

It’s never been convenient anyway. Three times as much now.

I did get some writing done this morning before jumping into the cell phone issue, but Merlin suspected he was going to get to go for a ride today and he was anxious to go. He also met someone new today and was thrilled. He doesn’t usually take to new people so quickly. I really think his new doggie daycare has been excellent for him because he gets exposed to new people and animals. This was a good thing.

Then, Merlin was so tired on the way home that he lay down on the back seat on the way home and was snoring before his eyes were closed. He never lies down when he’s in the car unless we’ve been on a very long trip. He loves watching where he’s going too much.

I was hoping that I’d be able to write when I got home.

If you recall, in my last blog post I mentioned that I thought I might have to go back a bit to add in some earlier in the story. As I was getting ready to sit down and write today, I suddenly knew where that spot was. I was able to easily add a few lines of conversation and having that done made the ending flow better. I’ve still got a ways to the end, and had hoped to finish is today, but now I suspect it will be tomorrow.

Assuming I’m not trying to get the other 1/3 of us connected to our new carrier. If I never switch cell phone companies again, it will be too soon. I will certainly never do phone and carrier again. I half wish I’d just kept my old phone. Well, can’t do anything about that now. I just have to move on and hope that things will work out.