The creative voice strikes again

I got far enough into Arlyn’s story today that I had to make a hard decision. I had three choices about how this would go. I knew it would be one character, or another, or neither.

So which is it?

Well, I won’t say here so that there aren’t spoilers. But I will say that while I knew this decision has been coming, I really didn’t know what my answer would be, even as I wrote the words today, until the very moment the answer of who it was was upon me. Then, at that point, my creative voice (with a little laugh!) decided to tell me why the answer was the correct choice.

Of course, it was completely right.

It was kind of fantastic to be completely in the scene and not have the foggiest notion of how it was going to turn out. And yet, it’s a fantastic echo of Quest for the Three Books.

I don’t believe I could have made such an immersive scene if I’d planned it.

Now I get to sit back and see the fireworks as these two characters from different worlds but similar roots start to interact. I’m very excited for that. It should be a lot of fun.