Sissy fight

I finished dealing with the cell phone madness today.

I swear, all the companies fight with each other like sissies just slapping at each other. None of them play well together and the whole thing is a stupid game. If I was a maker of a cell phone, it would piss me off.

Fortunately, we found a wonderful woman who got us through and made it all right. She was a blessing. She went to bat and fought for us several times, including dang near asking one of the tech supports she was trying to get help from if they wanted an alphabetical flow chart to get done the simple task she needed them to do. Push the frickin’ button! Bless her. Bless her much!

So, at least this comedy is over.

But, boy, do I have material now. I’m sure that after it marinates in my imagination some, it’s going to come out in a fantastic way. I can almost feel Loki rubbing his little mittens together while grinning maniacally. Hahahahaha!

But for now, I’m entrenched in Arlyn’s story. After I threw my dinner in the pressure cooker tonight, I sat down and wrote a page. Okay, I also did chores to so that I could catch up with things I didn’t get done yesterday when my youngest son came home to try to finish getting his cell phone going. Now, I’m going to go clean up the dinner dishes and go write a bit more. Maybe even do a tad bit of drawing.