Controlling my energy

I had another good writing day, plus I got in the booth and recorded two more chapters. I only have 3 more chapters to record for Help Wanted, Call Loki before I’m done.

The day almost didn’t start out good though.

I woke up and started thinking thoughts that should have brought me down. As if my critical voice was making a desperate attempt to stop me, it made me review some events that I’m not real proud of. I think we all have these moments. It’s an easy hole to open up. Even easier to fall into and not climb out of.

Fortunately for me, I grabbed some oracle cards and did a quick reading as to why this had to play in my head today and what I could do to stop it. Strangely enough, the deck I used had a brick wall across a path and clearly showed that I was at an impasse and the only thing I could do was to change my energy and go in a different direction. So that was exactly what I did. I stopped the thoughts and got started with my day.

It still wasn’t going as planned. My computer that I’d put on to charge wasn’t actually plugged in last night, so the battery was still low. Dang. I put it on to charge a bit while I got ready to go do some shopping.

I zoomed through my trip to town, surprising even me at how quickly it went. I got my words in. I even got a lot of reading done. Mercedes Lackey sure has me pulled into this story. It’s still got a lot of similarities to Joust, but I’m enjoying it greatly. I really wanted to get the first book in the series, but the bookstore didn’t have it — only the two newer ones. Which means I can either order it online. I suppose I could also make a trip to the other library and see if they have it. I’ll probably start there, although I do want to start getting my own library of Mercedes Lackey books going. Right now, I just want to read them. When I’m ready to study them, I get them. Or check them out from the library again. I think that this is a sign of me getting older. I don’t feel the need to own things so much as I once did.

For right now, I think I’ll go read a little bit more. All too soon, next week will start.