In the booth and out

I finished recording Help Wanted, Call Loki this evening, and in the time that it took me to narrate those last three chapters, it snowed about two inches. It certainly shocked Merlin and myself when I took him outside.

It’s been snowing all evening now, but I hadn’t looked out to see how much has now collected. I might be surprised in a few minutes when I take Merlin outside for his final trip of the evening.

Also got well into the current scene in Arlyn’s book. Once again, it has taken a strange turn which I’m not sure how they fit in. However, in the course of me writing this story, I’ve been wondering if there’s more to this than I though. It could be that I’m really opening up this story for a series, and possibly even aftermath stories with Steigan. This tale just keeps growing and growing. It is so obviously mine.

But, I might be getting ahead of myself. I have so many stories I want to tell and I certainly don’t need them tripping over each other. I must just keep going and have fun telling the stories as they come.

It’s something I look forward to for a long time.