Achy, but not breaky

I got in the booth today to start recording the next book. Right now, I’ve picked Dragons of Wellsdeep.

I’ve obviously been stressed lately because I have several canker sores in my mouth. Dang things. I’ve been getting them since I was a kid. My father had them often too; it’s got to be hereditary. Usually when I feel then coming on, I started talking Lysine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to myself. I usually don’t record when I have one. So this has been interesting trying to record with several. But, I really needed to get some narration done.

Since then, I prepared dinner and after I ate, I started feeling very achy. I’m hoping it’s the storm. It’s still snowing here. I really don’t want to be sick, but I do realize I haven’t been listening to myself like I needed to be. It wouldn’t surprise me to have a bit of dis-ease going on since I obviously have the canker sores telling me I’ve taken myself out of balance. I have started my Lysine regime, and I’m starting to feel relief there. Hopefully the rest will pass soon too.

I am trying to get some writing in, in addition to this blog. I’m achy and hurting, but it’s important to me, especially when I saw this morning that if I just 200 words written, I’d get my word goal for this month. That feels like a win for a month that hasn’t been easy.

So, I’ll finish up here and go get the rest done so I can go rest. A bit extra tonight will be good for me.