I’m feeling better today. Woo hoo.

After I finished last night, I was feeling so terrible that I nearly used a Covid test to find out if I was that sick. I decided that I usually start feeling unwellness in my body long before it takes a solid hold, I divided not to rest until morning if I still woke up feeling badly. Then I turned in very early.

And I woke up at 2:30 in the morning. I haven’t had a 2 a.m. witching hour in quite some time. It took me until almost 5 o’ clock to turn off my thoughts enough to get back to sleep. I should have adjusted my alarm, but I kept it for my usual sleep time. I think this morning an extra half hour would’ve been good.

But neither time I woke up did I feel sick, so I may have just needed a moment for my brain to puke up some thoughts and annoy me to make itself better. Do you think things like that can happen?

I did get some sketching done, so drawing was fun. It allowed me some time to work out some ideas for the children’s book I want to get to working on this year.

This morning I listened to the chapter I recorded yesterday. I’m really not happy with the sound, so I may have to re-record, but I’m going to go back to the raw track and see what I think before I do anything drastic.

This picture above was taken earlier this evening. It looked like these eyes when I took Merlin out, but it was just Jupiter and Mats side-by-side. Pretty cool

Well, time to go write a few more words.