My son and his girlfriend invited me to go watch an anime movie with them. We went out to dinner before and then I’ve cream afterwards. It was a good evening.

I realized why I do have a hard time watching this particular anime show though. It’s because the main character whines and cries and apologizes all the time. That’s a poor thing for a main character. At some point, they have to gain some fortitude. And for all the moments that he’s gotten resolved down to his bones, he still whines. Now, if he was the only one, maybe, but several of the other characters are also bawling all the time. It makes me wonder if the writer carries some serious guilt over something. it’s bad.

At one point, one of the villains is ridiculing the main character and in any other situation, it would be downright bullying. I couldn’t stop laughing (and yes, I was the only one in the theater, which was amazingly packed, so I’m sure that people around me were irritated because I was dissing the main character), but everything the villain character said was true. It was kind of sad. And I laughed anyway.

As for my characters, I didn’t get much writing done today, but did get some in. I went back in the story and took out a bit that was bothering me. I thought I’d end up redrafting it from that point, but I kept it, but I did layer in more things. I got to the second moment where I was thinking I might try breaking and putting in a scene. Then, part of what I wrote last night needs to go away, I think. It feels wrong in my gut right now, but maybe when I tell the scene I’ve got waiting in my intuition, then maybe it’ll make sense to leave.

Well, I best go get this posted.