French Toast gone wrong

I used to make French Toast on a regular basis when my boys were younger. Yesterday as I was making myself breakfast, I got a hankering for French Toast, but since I already had breakfast cooking, I wasn’t going to change then. I decided to make it today.

And I failed. Miserably.

Yeah, I did something horribly wrong. So much for my memory. I’m glad I didn’t make extra for the coming week as I’d had a thought to do. I would have been giving it to Merlin. He was already excited that I was cooking Sunday breakfast. He loves getting his own eggs and pancakes. I didn’t make toast for him, but he still got a sample of mine. And, of course, he wanted more.

Fortunately, after that, the day got better. I wrote, painted, and sketched today.

I also found the quote I’m going to use for Arlyn’s book. Like most of my Sacred Knight quotes, it’s from Seneca. And it really sums up Arlyn’s life. I’m half wondering if his story will have multiple parts, but I feel it’s too early to know for certain.

This painting was one I started on a while back, but I often wondered if I’d get back to it. I decided to just keep going. Heinlein’s Rules applied to painting. (Grin)

I did a free blogs earlier in this painting and the progress on it. Above is one of those pictures I didn’t show. That’s where it was when I started working on it today. It’s at that blobby, unsettled state where nothing quite looks right. I kept telling metals that that was the reason I didn’t want to get back to it, but I couldn’t convince myself of that. Today, I just had to sneak up on it and tell myself that it didn’t matter if I ruined it. It would still be practice. I’m not sure it’s great, but I am learning something. I’m trying something new with it. We’ll see how it works out.

The sketch was new. It’s a project I thought about recently, but I was a bit scared to start. I realized I needed to just dive in with my idea. Yeah, just Critical Voice trying to stop me, keep me safe. I was pretty excited about the sketch and kept going until it’s nearly complete. I didn’t want to stop, but I realized I’d gotten a little lost with time. I needed to move on to writing this post as well as taking care of everything else to be done this evening. Still, it was a victory over the Critical Voice, so I’m very pleased. Hopefully I’ll get it finished this week and can take the next step.

For now, dealing with tonight.