Story- take me away

Enter my fascinating world.

Today, I’m dealing with deciphering my cell phone bill.

Yeah. Let’s just say how much I screamed when I first opened the email with my bill. I swear, my Loki owning all the cell phone companies theory is right on the money. (Grin)

Then I decided I just couldn’t deal with it at the moment and would have to look at it later. I’ve now been able to determine that some of it is a prorated money and the rest is the normal month and all else appears normal, but dang. And do you think I’ll see a refund check from my previous provider, do you think? Yeah, I won’t hold my breath on that.

I’m so glad I get to escape to other worlds and realms (and in cases like this, ones without cell phones!!!). It’s often times like this that I think of the 1980’s Calgon commercials. Except that even back then, I thought that a good story could do the same thing in sweeping a person away. No special soap needed. (Grin)

Anyway, that and spraining my little finger (thanks to Temmy) we’re the big things that happened to me today. Now I’m going to go write and exist somewhere else for a while.