Snow here and gone again

I forgot to set my alarms last night beyond setting my sleep app, so then I ended up over sleeping. Yeah, that’s what I get for going to bed late! While I was super tired!

So I’ve been dragging today since I got too much sleep.

It has been snowing hard when I went to sleep last night, but the snow was gone by the time I got up. Then, we had another spitfire storm pass through. It knocked my power out for two hours. That rarely happens.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but there’s more snow out in the road by a good couple of inches. It was pretty slushy out there. Mostly gone now.

While the power was out, I painted. The image above the blog is another progress picture. I’ve taken it a little further than this point and I’d been hoping to finish it tonight, but I’m moving way too slowly this evening to get back to painting. I still have words to get in.

And Temmy and Bella letting me know that I need to put out more dry food for them. Just another evening. (Grin)