Painting and more

I broke out the airbrush today. Yes, I feel like I spent more time cleaning up than actually using it, but I got some results I’m very happy with.

I also stocked up on canvases today. Or I thought I had. (Grin) The picture at the top of the blog was half of a full pack of mini canvases that I started today. 

Along with these starts, I finished two other paintings today. Here’s one:

Merlin and I also had a good lunch together. I picked up some food while I was out. We went to the college and sat at one of my favorite spots. Then I climbed in the back seat with Merlin, which weirded him out because I usually stay in the front, and shared my lunch with him. It was something different for both of us and a change of routine is good sometimes.

I also decided I really don’t like my Xterra’s back seat. Personal issue. ( grin)

Lots more painting tomorrow. I’m so ready for it.


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