Merlin’s happy day

When I picked Merlin up today from doggie day care, the groomer there said, “He’s always so happy.”

Merlin panted happily all the way home.

Yes, he was so happy. Everything was just delightful for him.

Before I picked Merlin up and I was driving home, I saw a big yellow smiley face painted on the back of a barn. I’ve never spotted it before today. It feels like everything is telling me to smile and be happy.

It’s nice to feel the sun right now, to see the trees starting to bud, and to see the tulips coming up. If it had been just a touch warmer tonight, I would have spent some time out in the garden. I have so much to do if I’m going to prepare for one this year. I haven’t even decided what I want to grow yet. But boy am I ready for it.

Well, I best go get some other words done. My painting is done for the day, but I still have fiction to write. That should make me happy, right? Of course.