Trust in action

I’m very happy and excited to be writing Arlyn’s story. After I finished writing my blog a few nights ago when I mentioned that I was at a hard spot, I started considering the world and the characters.

The world at this time is one without magic. There’s a secret organization struggling to survive. Mysteries abound.

Once I started thinking about where I needed my characters to be and considered where they were, as well as other events I knew had happened, I felt roads open up.

Today I got in over 2,000 words going down just one of those roads. I’m thrilled with how it’s been going.

And Arlyn… I thought Steigan was a tortured character, but I got a glimpse today of why Arlyn never told Steigan about the Onim.

Oh, holy cow, is this being fun.

However, I swear that since I’ve started writing this story, Temmy has been trying harder and harder to sit on my shoulder, like Dragzel always did with Ellis. I used to think that Dragzel would be about the size of what Temmy is now. However, I’m starting to have second thoughts. Ellis would end up being so hunched over!

And today, Temmy really wanted to sit on my shoulder… badly. So much so that when I was trying to get a picture of this Northern Flicker sitting in my tree…

…Temmy jumped from the heater onto my shoulder. The picture at the header of this post was the one I took of us when we both got settled. Surprisingly, I don’t have claw marks in my shoulder. She made the leap knowing I’d catch her.

Yeah, I’m really glad that I’m not Ellis. (Grin!)