Got to do some audio

Well, last night, vegging out won.

I just lost all my energy. I did wake this morning feeling much better. Whatever was going on with me yesterday was better this today.

That ended up being a good thing. First thing this morning, I realized that if I didn’t get some audio recorded today, I wasn’t going to have another chance until next week and I was going to run out of audio to edit before then.

For those of you in the studio audience, yes, that means that I’m done editing the audio for Help Wanted, Call Loki. I still have some final processing and checks to do, but then it will go up. Oh, and that means I now have to get the audiobook cover ready too. Some days, publishing feels like all cover work. (grin)

As excited as I am to get all the Loki’s recorded and be caught up, I’m going to work on Dragons of Wellsdeep first.

Granted, that means I didn’t get a bunch of words written tonight, but I got some done. I’ve had a couple of good days. Who knows? Maybe I’ll squeeze in a few extra words today.

If I’m going to get that done, I best be heading down that path now.