This, and this, and that

So, I thought I’d sit down and prepare the cover for the newest Loki audiobook tonight, but instead I decided it would be better if I got caught up on some bookkeeping. Since I just had the show last weekend, I figured it would definitely be a good idea.

Unfortunately, that took more time than I thought and now I haven’t had a chance to get any words in. Worse, I’m going squirrel tonight over several different things. I’m easily distracted. It’s not good.

Merlin’s been a bit calm today. I don’t think he’s feeling too well. When I picked him up from boarding, they told me he’d been holding his paw. He’ll walk on it and it’s not curled up, so I don’t think it’s injured. It’s his arthritis acting up, poor guy. Some pain medication and he’s starting to feel better. He’s probably just resting after playing for days.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and hoping I can get out and start preparing the ground for my garden. It’s supposed to be in the high 60’s, so it should be nice.

See, that’s my brain today. (grin)

Now, I’m going to try to go and write something.