Pale yellow

Audio files have been submitted. Now, a short wait until Help Wanted, Call Loki is out.

It did, however, make several hours of this evening disappear.

I can’t say that I’m ready for sleep tonight even though I’m tired. I had this disarming dream about helping out with the cleaning and sorting of this house involved in an estate and in the house were dinosaurs. Yeah, my brain comes up with some weird things.

Worse, because the house was so vivid, does this fall into my “old house” dreams? With the way that I dream about people I’ve never met/seen, I don’t think I could ever sell houses because I’d be afraid of walking into these places. The farmhouse with the pale yellow kitchen still creeps me out the worst. It wasn’t even a scary dream, just unnerving. The paint and the wooden cuckoo clock on the wall between the windows looking out to the barn is just stuck in my head.

Maybe some day it will come out into a story.