Starting somewhere

I often tell people that you’ve got to start somewhere. I say this about a variety of things, whether it be writing, painting, bookkeeping, cooking, etc.

Today, I realized how little I speak about my audio narration. I’ve been trying since then to settle my poor brain, which was already out of sorts because I woke up with a migraine, and convince myself that it was okay because I have to start talking about narration somewhere. Today was just my first opportunity to really talk about my audio editing experience (which feels very little to me and yes, I have impostor syndrome with it. Never mind that I uploaded my 16th book or somewhere in that range the other day. Yeah, impostor. It’s hard to think that little ol’ me might have some worthwhile skills in the mishmash of everything I’ve learned over the years).

But it’s true; you never move anywhere if you don’t start.

So get to it.


P.S. I just got reminded that this is my 600th daily blog post. Wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gotten started.