A nice spring day… finally

I opened up my office today.

Unfortunately, the dang box elder bugs beat me to it. They were flocking. The first nice day and they were out in force. Battle ensued. I made a big dent, but I dare not declare victory.

I tried to write in there today. I ended up giving up. As happy as I am to have the room open, I just don’t know if it’s going to fit me anymore. I used to write on my Mac in there, but I bought a dedicated writing computer. Now, that setup changes because of that. Oh, maybe not so much with equipment — I still need a separate keyboard and mouse to keep things ergonomic. But something still felt off.

Merlin and I also went for our first bike ride with his trailer. I just rode around the neighborhood to see how well the trailer would work. We went a mile and a half in under 20 minutes. The trailer rides like a dream. I wouldn’t have even known that Merlin was with me if he hadn’t been barking his head off. (grin) I was exhausted when we got home. He was wanting to go again.

Now, I’m going to go write a bit more that what I did get done earlier today.