Clean-up and biking

Merlin and I are exhausted today. Tomorrow, I’m going to regret everything I did today. Especially since I already slight do.

Between writing sessions, I did some spring clean-up outside. There were a lot of leaves that fell after it got too cold for me to work outside, so a lot of these needed raked up. I also dug out the peace rose that went wild on me a couple of years ago. It was an old plant when I moved into this house (which was a long time ago), so I’m not surprised that it finally started dying off and the parts that were still alive were nasty and wild. It was a beautiful rosebush while it lasted and I enjoyed many flowers from it, both on the bush and those I decided to cut and take inside.

I was pretty tired after all this clean-up, so my second writing session wasn’t as good as the first.

Then, because Merlin has been wanting to go out for a ride in the trailer since yesterday when we got back and I did need to do a little bit of grocery shopping, I packed up my bike and the trailer and we went in to Twin Falls. We met up with my son and his girlfriend, and rode along the canyon down to Evel Knievel’s jump site and back. I had thought we’d be taking the less populated part of the trail, but I think everyone and their dog had the same idea.

After that, I did my shopping and headed home.

I tried to get a third writing session done, but I was way too sore to get much done. I was saved when my other son wanted me to call him so I could answer some questions for him. That let me sit around until my dinner was ready. At some point, I’d had the strength to put it in — I put an artichoke in the pressure cooker and the rest was reheating leftovers from last night.

After dinner, I tried to get one more writing session in, but I was falling asleep at the computer and Merlin was snoring at my feet. Once again, the sleep energy in my house is overpowering me. I figured I better get my blog done before I fall asleep. I might be turning in early tonight whether I want to or not.

On the downside, I don’t think I’m going to hit my weekly word goal. The streak of 3 falls on that 4th week. I mean, I might wake up and be able to get the words in, but I just don’t see it happening. Not right now at least. There’s just been too much other stuff I needed to get done this week, so my word count was too far down. It happens. Maybe if I had let the yardwork sit another week or taken a nap instead of going for a long bike ride today, I might have been able to do it. Hard to say. I mean, before this blog post, I do only have 1,500 words to hit the goal. This will probably be around 500 words. (I just checked and I’m at 515). That almost seems manageable. I mean, if I really pushed it, I could do that remaining 1,000 words in an hour. That would be better than going to sleep early and waking up at 2 a.m., which is exactly what would happen. I’d have some stupid thought and it would drag me right out my sleep.

Speaking of which, so a few blogs ago I mentioned my “old house dreams.” Today while I was having lunch and trying to recover from working outside, I was watching The Rookie. I swear that the house that they went into in the episode I was watching was the exact house (Lathis’ house) I had in my head when I wrote Dressed to the 9’s. I got goose bumps sitting there watching it. I thought about replaying the scene (I almost said rewinding it, but how 1980’s would that have been? LOL!), but I was too tired to reach for the remote. Well, that and I was a little creeped out. Old house dreams are one thing, but when I’m just making it up (no matter how clearly I can see it in my head), it’s just strange.

Well, there’s a couple hundred more at least. Maybe I will have to push through.

Wish me luck.