Big update

For those of you wondering, I did stay up on Sunday night to get all my words in. So, the weekly goal streak is at 4. I had just been so close when I finished the blog on Sunday that I just couldn’t resist.

I was also so glad yesterday to get the Patreon posts up. It makes me feel like I accomplished something good.

I still have to get back to my newsletter. I feel like that’s where I always fall down. I swear, I will get there.

But no matter what, writing the fiction must always come first. That’s why getting back too the weekly goal is so important to me.

I always want to do more though. It never feels like enough.

And right now, I haven’t yet gotten in any fiction. I had my son and his girlfriend over to help me with one of my cars. We did that, then I threw dinner on (or I started, but my son kicked me out), Andy then we played games while dinner cooked.

After they left, I got my nightly chores in. That’s something else I’ve been bad about, so 2-3 times a week I feel like I end up playing catch up, only to then ignore it for a few nights. It’s so much better when I just get it done. I know I do so much better when I remain consistent. This isn’t a new lesson for me.

Now that I’ve got the blog done, it’s time to go out in the words. I’m teaching the last throes of Arlyn’s book. And yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a series.