Flowchart and structure

Had another day where I finished up audio and had to jump in the booth to get another chapter recorded.

Didn’t get much done after that because I’ve been dealing with Real Life Deadlines since then. I keep wondering when I’m going to find my “Jason” to take off everyday life stuff for me. Ah, some day.

But I did get other Real Life Stuff done today, moving me one step closer to being done with a long-term project. I’m getting those narrowed down. Slowly.

I also decided I needed to get some pieces flowing better. I have a lot going on between all that I do, and to avoid conflict and delays, I need to design like a flowchart or something.

This came as a result of me waking up with the thought that I’m like a house builder and I’m working on properties in different subdivisions. I know this thought is hard for many creatives to understand, but it’s true. Each intellectual property is just that: property. But I’m building with books, audiobooks, and art. See? Different subdivisions. I spend a lot of time going between these areas and it divides my focus. But there’s got to be common ground.

That’s where finding a consistent structure is becoming a necessity.

But not to restore my sanity by escaping to another world for a while, so I’m off to slip through a hole in the paper and go to visit Arlyn.