A warm mug of coffee

Cold wind blew in last night, knocking the temperatures back down.

It makes me want to thrust my fisted hands down to my sides, throw back my head, and scream “Argh!” to the sky. What is with the weather? No, don’t answer that. I know. But I did get to thinking that I feel that our cold months are getting longer and the days of nice, sunny weather are fewer in number and hotter than they once were.

There was even snow outside this morning. Not much, just a light dusting. Snow blew sideways in the wind this morning as I put my coat on to take Merlin out. By the time we got outside, only a little snow and the cold wind.

I’m still hoping for a nice weekend so I can go bike riding. My youngest son is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend, so I’m hyper excited. I’m also glad that my Keurig didn’t decide to die yesterday — we’re both coffee hounds, so it wouldn’t have been fun spending the first thing Saturday morning going hunting for a coffee maker. Okay, so I have two in the cabinet down below, but that would involve me having to dig them out. They don’t match my Keurig either. But, it got descaled and cleaned yesterday when it quit wanting to send water through the pod and instead only wanted to make growling noises indicative of a clog. I tried quite a few times to get the clog, but nothing came out. That’s when I took to descaling. When that didn’t help, I continued trying for the clog and this time I got it. Took a few cycles for the machine to start to sound normal again.

I will probably have to go shopping for more coffee this weekend even though I have a bag of the ground coconut turmeric that I like so much in the freezer. I keep forgetting that it’s there.

Just thinking about it is making me want coffee. Definitely a bad idea at this time of night. (grin)